The MindDen Gazette ?


The MindDen Gazette ?

21 June 2023

At MindDen, we are and we want to be present! Following this line, we have launched our first newsletter, La Gaceta de MindDen.

La Gaceta de MindDen, a digital publication through which to keep our entire team informed of the latest news that aims to promote their daily work.

In this first edition, we have communicated a series of actions that are being very well received by MindDeners:

  • The creation of a broadcast channel on Telegram, a new communication channel that is more instantaneous, more agile and more convenient than the traditional email. At MindDen, we evolve along with technology to be closer and more accessible to our team.
  • Every Thursday, we take a weekly break and get together for a Meet like someone who meets with their colleagues for a mid-morning coffee. Many of us telecommute partially or completely. Thanks to these Meets, we strengthen bonds beyond the purely professional ones, which favors the good vibes we have at MindDen. A few weeks ago, we started playing different online games such as Pictionary, broken phone,… and we didn’t stop bursting out laughing during the whole hour.
  • Some of our minddener@s are fond of playing online games. Knowing their interests beyond the purely work-related ones, we have created our own Discord server so they can share these games in their free time.
  • In order to have direct access to our social networks and different groups/sites of interest, we have created a linktree that allows with a single click to connect with whatever you need.
  • At MindDen, besides being passionate about our projects based on technology, data, BI,… we have formed a group of minddener@s outside the office and every now and then we have gatherings, we love to get together and have a blast! A few weeks ago, one of our teams enjoyed a day of team building activities: yoga, paddle tennis and a good meal.

MindDen never stops growing, we are always looking for new talents to join our team. Therefore, we remind you of the open vacancies for anyone who has an interested contact.

And, to keep abreast of the needs of our minddener@s, we remind you that we have available our suggestion box

Until the second edition of our newsletter, La Gaceta de MinDen, with new and better actions, we say goodbye.

 Keep in touch!