Mindden, a large family with over 70 professionals


Although this is already a lot for us, it is common that for the general public this means nothing relevant and that is why we want to bring our essence and philosophy a little closer.

Mindden is a company formed by professionals with over 15 years of experience in the world of consulting and project development in Information Technology and Services. The main goal of our company is to become a partner to our customers, accompanying them in the process of digital transformation through the design and development of solutions that allow them to be more efficient and obtain better results in each of the areas of their business.

At Mindden we are very proud to have formed a large family that comprises more than 70 professionals who combine talent, professionalism and camaraderie, working throughout the main cities of Spain such as Madrid and Barcelona, with headquarters in Alicante. We are very lucky to have become a large team in which professional and personal relationship are shared, thus strengthening differentiating dynamics regarding our competition in the sector; we know our team is what makes us great!

We have grown around a horizontal organizational structure in which, through the implementation of agile methodologies and self-managed teams, which fosters a work environment with a high degree of motivation, participation, adaptation and innovation, we have created a very strong bond between the company and its employees

Mindden, a large family with over 70 professionals

Mindden´s axis of work is our customer, always looking for the best win-win relationship.




At Mindden we have a wide catalogue of services to join companies in their digital transformation processes. We advise our customers in IT and digital strategy, accompanying them in the definition of the processes, development and integration of solutions to successfully transform and adapt their companies to the digital model.

Our core is Software Development. We carry out our activity from different perspectives. Our In-House service consists of providing specialized resources to the teams located in our customers’ premises. Through our Outsourcing service, our employees participate in customer-led projects developed from our offices. Sometimes, our customers request the search for new resources to become part of their workforce. Our Recruiting IT service searches, filters and selects profiles based on the requirements of our customers.

Our resources specialize in a wide variety of software technologies. Our UX / UI expert resources are responsible for getting to know and empathizing with our customer.