Power BI and Azure Analytics reveal surprising results


Power BI and Azure Analytics reveal surprising results

14 June 2023

A new Harvard Business Review Analytics Service survey concluded that data-driven companies are best positioned to become market leaders. Eighty-seven percent of respondents believe that analytics capabilities will set the competitive edge in their industry in the coming years.

The study conducted by Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Azure Analytics with Power BI revealed that Power BI and Azure Analytics together deliver a 271% ROI over 3 years. Consequently, it is safe to say that Power BI and Azure are a value to customers and help companies drive their analytics competency through a data-driven culture.

This significant ROI is due to a reduction in total cost of ownership, less time to get the information and improved productivity. 

  • Total Cost of Ownership 

In the combination of Power BI and Azure Analytics, it results in a 25.7% reduction in TCO. This is because Microsoft manages much of its infrastructure. 

Power BI’s cost-effective model makes it possible to foster a data culture and implement it in any company. Power BI Desktop is free and very affordable for end users. 

  • Access to information 

The Forrester study found that Time to Insights was 27% faster due to Power BI’s machine learning algorithms.  

By applying Azure Analytics with Power BI, we extract valuable data and information in seconds. In the same way, we can create low-code/no-code reports with the ability to add AI models through simple visualizations. 

Gaining insights from analyzing thousands of data is fast, efficient and meaningful.

  • Productivity 

From the analysis of results, an average time savings of 1.75 hours per week was verified, thanks to the self-service and automation tools of Power BI and Azure Analytics. 

The increase in productivity is due to Power BI providing familiar Office 365, Excel and PowerPoint expertise.

Power BI and Azure Analytics go hand in hand at MinDen

MindDen teams, in addition to their experience in this field, have been certified by Microsoft in the development of this technology.

Power BI regardless of its origin. We also develop projects combining the potential of Power BI and Azure Analytics that provide an increase in the performance of the analysis system with greater data security, at a lower cost. As a result, our customers can make better decisions.