14 June 2023

A Mindden team led by our colleague Emanuele, has been working against the clock during the last weeks, until they could bring a technical solution to improve the situation we are suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sometimes doing nothing is not an option, sometimes there are people who decide to take a step forward and move away from philosophies like “let others do it” or “that’s what governments are for”…

And this has happened in Mindden, we have those employees who take a step forward and strive to be good assets by providing solutions in our society.

As a result of this concern, a team led by our colleague Emanuele Sabélico, has done its best during the last few weeks, bargaining hours of sleep to be able to bring a technical solution to try to improve the situation we are suffering due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

This APP is called PROTECTED and is the result of a coordinated effort from various parts of the world in an “open source” initiative that can help both the sick and the epidemiologists responsible for containing progress of the outbreak.

From Mindden we only understood that there is a way to face this type of solutions from the point of view of the absolutely respectful treatment of data and privacy.

Thanks to the DP3T protocol, it has drawn the attention of the big players and is about to be endorsed by Apple and Google as the only solution on the market that guarantees functional and anonymous tracking.

This app makes it possible to control infections by alerting potentially exposed individuals and providing real-time recommendations to those infected, always anonymously and avoiding centralization of sensitive data and unjustified data collection.

Mindden is already in talks with national and regional health authorities to contribute and be part of the common solution we all need.

If a company is the reflection of the team that composes it, we could say that we like what we see in the mirror.

Remember, we can stop this virus together!

See presentation: protegidos_covid_2_0_low

Info and contact: protegidoscovid19@mindden.com