The press echoes MindDen’s evolution during 2020


The press echoes MindDen’s evolution during 2020

14 June 2023

Those who know about MindDen are aware that we are an unusual company in the media, that's why when we are caught by a media's attention, we are very excited. The magazine "PLAZA" ,in its November 2020 edition, has published an article about MindDen's evolution throughout the year as well as the increment of our turnover and staff.


Increase in headcount by 50% to a total of 75 people. Annual turnover increase by 58% despite the pandemic. Market opening in Madrid and Seville in addition to Barcelona, Murcia and Alicante.

Today we share with you the article published in the physical edition of the magazine “PLAZA”. In this article, the result of a pleasant chat, we describe our current situation and how MindDen has recovered quickly from the impact of COVID19: Avoiding in the first instance to execute any ERTE and recovering to improve the pre-pandemic situation.

In this article our CEO, Jesús Ruiz explains how MindDen has remained very close to our clients. As a partner, our obligation was to adapt to this new situation by providing more flexibility, commitment and assuming each particular scenario as if it were our own. We have clients who have gone through difficulties, and we have remained by their side, facilitating as much as possible the continuity and viability of the projects”.

Our director further explained how MinDen has become a seamless network of technology functionality that develops software in virtually every technology on the market. Ensuring the quality and integrity of its development through our Architecture team and a QA department capable of automating the processes in the entire scope of testing. Also highlighting our DEVOPS team in charge of the integration and continuous deployment of the work done.

Thanks to this evolution, we are currently participating in leading IoT / Smart City projects. In these projects we are applying innovative methodologies to form teams (DEV+QA+DEVOPS) fitting perfectly in the value chain that we bring to our projects. We are very proud of a very powerful team of more than 20 people specialized in industrial automation making us one of the references in this field in the province.

Another department that is receiving international first level projects is our “Data science” teams, which provides its knowledge and experience in machine learning, artificial intelligence, business intelligence and big data.

We wanted to look further by incorporating teams that bring us closer to our clients’ reality in order to deliver more value. Helping in the process of defining and executing projects. For this, the UX/UI team and experts in working methodologies are the perfect combination to bring Design Thinking, Lean, Agile, and in general, a whole ecosystem of tools that facilitate the meeting between customer and supplier, making both parties a powerful team of “high value project development”.