In search of the elite corps


In search of the elite corps

03 February 2020

Sometimes you should stop and look around and see that you are not alone. It is obvious but sometimes we forget it. Let's not wait for another company to realize the talent we have and 'steal' it from us. We must look at and value the great professionals who are willing to prove their worth.

The truth is that the natural landscapes of the northern United States are spectacular, it would be great to have them nearby and be able to enjoy them. But it is also true that perhaps what is observed in the distance is admired and not so much what we have in front of us.

In the image we can see one of those places to which I refer, which happens to be closer than the great national parks of the United States that I have tried to evoke, we have them right here, in Spain and more specifically in the Catalan Pyrenees. Well this is precisely what happens to us with our work teams.

In my papers and publications, I have a recurring theme that helps me use all kinds of analogies, soccer. The problem that this sport has, is that it needs to put transfers of media repercussion in the showcase, even at the cost of ostracizing young academy products who have spent their entire lives in a club waiting for their opportunity.

In the management of people or work teams exactly the same thing happens. We have people “pigeonholed” in a role or worse, “tagged” who are not offered the slightest opportunity to grow. This bad habit of some managers has such a direct impact on the productivity of people that it may lead to the failure of the project.

Our obligation is to give the opportunity for our team to speak to us, to see their expectations, their aspirations, what they expect of us and how they can demonstrate their worth to us. It is surprising what our work teams have within. The professionals around us are not only workers, they are highly trained people, eager to grow and demonstrate their potential, and that is exactly what we need as people managers! Going back to football, let’s think that a star (choose the one you want), no matter how well plays, is not going to take away the position of the coach, president, kit man or gardener. Let’s not be afraid to incorporate better people than us since they will make the ensemble shine, including the manager.

I am very proud of each and every one of the work teams I have had, and even more so, of the people who made them up. I think we have always managed to get high returns, me from them and vice versa. All of them have contributed a lot and have made me grow as a professional and as a person. The relationship between a project manager and their team must be a win-win, if we achieve this, we will have got our own elite team.