Haven’t you updated your cookies yet?


Haven’t you updated your cookies yet?

14 June 2023

Hurry up! Last October 31 was the deadline to implement the new criteria for consenting to the use of cookies.

The AEPD (Spanish Data Protection Agency) in collaboration with the affected sectors (the associations ADIGITAL, Spanish Association of Advertisers, AUTOCONTROL and IAB Spain) has updated the Guide on the use of cookies to conform to the revised Guidelines on cookie consent by the European Data Protection Committee in May 2020.

The new guidelines involve a modification in 2 points:

  • The “continue browsing” option is not a valid way for users to accept consent.
  • “Cookie walls” that do not propose an alternative to consent cannot be used.

Among the requirements for how new cookies must be displayed, the following stand out:

  • The information or communication must be concise, transparent and intelligible. It is necessary to use clear and simple language understood by the average user.
  • The accessibility and visibility of the cookie policy must be evident and simple. Through:
    1. The format of the link.
    2. The positioning of the link.
    3. The use of a descriptive and intuitive name for the link.
    4. Other techniques that help to highlight the importance of this informative link.


If you still have doubts, we can help you by updating your cookies!

Don’t worry about anything!

Contact our web department at MindDen and we will advise you on everything you need to know how to update everything related to data protection on your website; or we will directly make the necessary changes so that your page complies with the new Cookie Policy regulations.