Satisfaction is something that cannot be disguised


Satisfaction is something that cannot be disguised

16 December 2019

It is as important to be excellent in our work as to enjoy what we do. Celebrations, which perhaps some may see as frivolous or unnecessary, at Mindden are a moments lived with special enthusiasm, as an opportunity to get together and enjoy all the good things we do, to see that there are things to improve and above all, that we have colleagues who are always ready to help each other to achieve that purpose.

It is in December, the month in which Christmas is celebrated and regardless of our beliefs, I think it is quite general that, this month we like to get together with our friends, loved ones and other people we feel good with.

Mindden decided not to assist a single professional commitment on these dates, instead, we have enjoyed the company of friends, of all those whose busy schedules have allowed them to be present, to celebrate the type of relationship that we are growing with each and every one of them and share our satisfaction for it.

But the peak moment, celebration-wise, we experienced it last December 13, a Friday the 13th! – in which far from living a horror story, we enjoyed a meeting of more than 50 people, in which we lived an incredible night full of … desire to have fun. We all got together, those of us who meet on a daily basis, those of us who, for work reasons, rarely meet, and those who work at a considerable distance, which makes it impossible to meet as often as we would like to. But all that did not matter, we ate, danced, toasted for the team, and above all we enjoyed the moment of camaraderie and friendship that I so often boast of in private and public circles such as social networks.

This public exhibition of the good team we have is no other than the satisfaction that it brings us all to be able to count on good colleagues, a good work environment and a modern, accessible and humane management like the one we have in our company. In summary, it is what the title of this post says, satisfaction is something that cannot be disguised.