Develop your digitization project through institutional grants


Develop your digitization project through institutional grants

14 June 2023

We have been talking about digital transformation for years, but since the breakout of Covid-19, the process has accelerated itself. Now, digitization is no longer an option, it is now an obligation for all those companies that want to survive in this competitive world. In the short/medium term, what is not digital simply will not be, as various experts claim.

Numerous national and international organizations offer grants to finance the development of your digitization and innovation projects. This formula allows you to modernize your company without bearing all the costs. You can benefit from grants of up to 100%, non-refundable, … among others. 

Throughout the year, several calls for proposals are launched by different entities. Some of the most important are: 

IVACE, Institut Valencià de la Competitivitat Empresarial. 

MINECO, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation., public entity attached to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. 

CDTI, Center for the Development of Industrial Technology. 

ICO, Official Credit Institute. 

Businesses and the way of understanding organizations are changing, so it is advisable to keep an eye on the latest news on aid for the development of digitalization in order to take advantage of significant subsidies. 

Some of the criteria for evaluating the projects are:

  1. Project quality. This includes variables such as novelty, methodology, degree of innovation or progress. 
  2. Technical and financial viability. That is, the capacity of teamwork, the possibilities of commercialization and the adequacy of resources.
  3. The expected social, environmental and economic impact, as well as the results of the project.
  4. The profile and characteristics of the company.

But what does digitalization mean for companies? It means automating manual or analogical processes that allow us to save time and resources. As a result, we manage to increase productivity, strengthen the relationship with our customers and have greater control over infrastructures.

MindDen, partner in the digital development of your company

At MindDen, we are aware that this digital transformation process is a complicated challenge for many companies but, at the same time, it is the only viable way to understand its evolution and growth, we help to promote digitalization projects for SMEs.

At MindDen, we are more than a software development company, we are specialists in QA, UX/UI, Big Data, Data at the micro level as Power BI or Tableau, Machine Learning, Industrial Automation, … and faithful to the DevOps philosophy. Given the need to reorient all business areas, we are collaborating with SMEs adapting digital solutions compatible with their different business models. At MindDen we are partners of our customers. 

Benefit from the institutional support and take the step towards digitalization with our experts in the field.