Introducing our recruiting department “The key is the way we treat people”


Introducing our recruiting department “The key is the way we treat people”

15 June 2023

Traditionally, the technology sector has been a source of job creation, but in recent years, the demand for IT profiles has skyrocketed to the point that unemployment is practically non-existent and competition is fierce. Attracting talent is the main function of MindDen's IT Recruiter department, composed of 6 professionals (Isabel, Rut, Ana, Daniel, Samuel, Jose) and led by Yolanda Espinosa as head of the HR department. A psychologist by profession, for more than 6 years she was unexpectedly given the opportunity to enter the world of recruitment, and has worked for different companies, always linked to the IT sector until she landed at MindDen.

Yolanda, why do you think it is important to have your own recruiting team in a company like MindDen?

Mainly because if we want to be competitive and offer a quick response to our clients, without a large and powerful team like ours it would be practically impossible.

What are the main stages of selection that you carry out?

We perform recruitment tasks, such as active search of candidates through different job portals, curriculum screening, telephone, online and face-to-face interviews, technical tests and finally, the management of the entire process until the candidate joins MindDen. Once incorporated into MindDen, we maintain a personalized follow-up.


In addition to the professional profile, what qualities are taken into account in a personnel selection process?

We usually look for people who are eager to grow, who are participative, who share their points of view with the company in order to bring improvements to their team.

What do you consider to be “soft skills” and how important are they in an IT recruitment process?

For me they are the soft skills that are acquired throughout life and it is something we have to pay special attention to. It is important to meet all the technical requirements for a position, but we have found that if on a personal level you don’t fit in with the team or the company’s philosophy, the professional relationship with the organization runs the risk of ending in a short period of time.

In your experience, is there such a thing as a perfect candidate?

I firmly believe that we are all perfect candidates, we just have to find where we can best fit our profile.

As a woman, what is your experience in the technology sector and how have you felt at MindDen?

Generally speaking, my experience as a woman in the sector and, more specifically, on the recruiting side has been very positive. Over the years, I have had the good fortune to work for different companies where my work has been valued.

In particular in MindDen, I have felt very supported and integrated from the first minute, my opinions and ideas are valued and respected and are put into practice whenever the situation allows it. I have a great team, both personally and professionally that gives me the opportunity to continue growing and learning every day.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start in the IT world?

To someone who is starting now in the IT world, I would tell them to learn about the technologies and programming languages that are most in demand and to take specialized courses in that area, in addition to a formal education, either a degree or a training course.

It is important to keep up to date since we belong to a sector that is constantly changing, so if you want to be competitive it is not advisable to stop training.

How do you think the world of talent selection has evolved in recent years?

It has evolved a lot, not only in terms of technology but also in the way we work, and the pandemic has had a lot to do with it.

It has become a sector that offers stable work with the possibility of personal and economic growth, as well as many other advantages, such as teleworking, flexible working hours and, of course, family reconciliation.

If I wanted to join a company like MindDen, what should I do?

Mainly, sign up for any of the offers we have published on our website or on Infojobs and, in case these are not the positions you are looking for, you can always contact us directly through LinkedIn and let us know what your interests are.

What differentiates MindDen from other companies in the sector?

Personally, I would say that the key is the way we treat people, it is very noticeable when you are part of a company that cares about you and offers you different ways of professional growth. Proof of this is the very low turnover rate we have.