Latest Power BI updates


Latest Power BI updates

14 June 2023

Every month Power BI Deskop is updated with the aim of improving the experience and usability of customers. Therefore, your feedback is taken into account in each update.

Below, we have highlighted the most relevant and controversial new features, explaining in a brief summary their new functionality. 

  • In the “reports” area we have a preliminary version of Small Multiples.

Background color and grid line controls have been added to the grid layout format card. This provides new options for separating Small Multiples plot areas. These formatting controls are located on the grid layout card in the formatting panel. 

We can also set the background color and transparency, add a variety of different grid line patterns, and design those grid lines.

  • Two new filter operations for text data types: “is empty” and “is not empty”, also in the “reports” section.

These new operations are located in the Filter pane, in the Advanced filter type. The “is empty” operation displays items when the value is an empty string (“”). While the “is not empty” operation displays elements when the value is not an empty string (“”).

Some considerations to keep in mind are: 

    • If we have text values that only have spaces (“”), these values are automatically converted to empty strings (“”).
    • If we want to filter or filter to null values (no value), we must use the “is not in null” or “is null” operation. 


  •  Of note is the controversial update of the color selector in the “reports”.

This new feature has an RGB selector and a search bar to facilitate the discovery of functions. In parallel, new filtering operations and facilities in the configuration of e-mail subscription attachments are being introduced. 

Color swatches are further separated, making it easier to find the color we need. In the “More colors” screen, we can now enter an RGB value in addition to a HEX value.

Play around with the new color picker and form your own opinion. 

  • New connector articles for SAP HANA and SAP Business Warehouse documentation.


  • New Editor’s picks:
    • Individuals and Moving Range Control Chart by PQ Systems. 
    • Acterys Variance
    • Advanced Pie and Donut – xViz 
    • Zebra BI Charts

Editor’s picks can be found in the product AppSource in Power BI Desktop and the service in the Editor’s picks category. These are third-party visualizations certified by Microsoft. 

Be sure to post your comments and vote for other features you would like to see in Power BI. Remember that Power BI Desktop is updated and released monthly, taking into account customer feedback. Leave your feedback here

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