MindDen acts as a member of the forum “Safe tourist destinations and technological solutions” at Invat-tur


MindDen acts as a member of the forum “Safe tourist destinations and technological solutions” at Invat-tur

15 June 2023

This morning, the forum "Safe tourist destinations and technological solutions" organized by AlicantePlaza took place at Invat-tur.

The debate has been organized in 2 tables moderated by the director of Alicante Plaza, Miquel González. At 9:00 a.m., the first one started with representatives of companies who discussed the role played by technological solutions to improve the stay of visitors and what technological solutions have been applied to tourism and hospitality companies to turn Costa Blanca into a safe tourist destination. After a short break, the second round table was held to discuss the current situation of the tourism sector, to consider Alicante city as a safe destination, as well as the measures to be implemented to improve its competitiveness and recovery after Covid.

MindDen, as a technology company based in Alicante and national scope, represented by our operations director Roberto Melero, has been part of the first panel discussion with Manuel Palomar, director of Cenid; Robert Aldabo, Head channels of Yoigo Empresas; Javier Mira, CEO of FacePhi; and José Bort, CEO of Eventscase.

In his presentation, Roberto Melero claimed that more than the role played by the solutions, the question that should be asked is as follows: what role should technological solutions play in improving the stay of visitors? His answer was clear and direct: “to make the traveler’s life easier, to save time, to make everything simpler“. And this is what MindDen is doing, participating with its partners in the development of solutions with this objective in mind. “Let’s think about the situation where while waiting to board a flight, we book a car online and when we arrive at our destination, we can open it and start it with our cell phone; when leaving or returning to the parking lot, it recognizes our license plate, lifts the barrier and, with a simple image recognition system, validates that the car is in good condition. It’s simple, making life easier, that’s what improves the visitors’ stay,” Melero emphasizes.

Technological solutions applied by MindDen to tourism and hospitality companies

At MindDen, “we have helped in the realization of technological solutions, perhaps not so perceptible to tourists, but certainly to the tourism sector”.

Roberto points out that another of the tools used by MindDen is focused on automating processes in the hospitality industry. It is about taking orders or communicating with the kitchen in a digital way which facilitates the processes, thus creating more connected premises. “New technologies allow us to be much faster and more efficient.” MindDen has been immersed for some years in the continuous evolution of solutions for the logistics system of summer food to catering outlets, with route optimization and estimation of needs and replenishment, etc. “And the most perceptible by the tourism sector, our contribution solutions that make  possible the consultation and visualization of the state and quality of our beaches”.

If, on the other hand, we are talking about innovation that directly affects the traveler’s experience, biometric technology comes into play. Biometrics can be applied in the tourism sector and improve the user experience. Facial recognition is applied, for example, to verify the identity of the client when checking in at a hotel, among many other uses.

(From left to right) Robert Aldabo, Head channels of Yoigo Empresas; Manuel Palomar, director of Cenid; Javier Mira, CEO of FacePhi; Roberto Melero, COO of MindDen; and José Bort, CEO of Eventscase.
Are the solutions adopted one-off or will they continue over time?

Needs will change little in the medium term, but perceptions and tastes will, and that is what will show us the way for future innovations; technology will always be the means to achieve this. This is why we believe that these solutions are here to stay and to evolve. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we have to be agile in the face of change, and technology is the tool that will allow us to be agile.

“At MindDen we believe that the important thing about technological solutions is not so much their durability but their rapid adaptation to reality. We were among the first to propose a tracking solution for Covid, which in the end did not see the light of day due to problems in the management of personal data and the need for the participation of official bodies. But this is what we are referring to, in the quick attempt to act and, in this case, mitigate a tough situation for a whole sector in particular and society in general”, concludes Roberto.