Mindden participates in the AP Innovation Forum


Mindden participates in the AP Innovation Forum

29 June 2023

Mindden participates in the "Alicante Plaza Innovation Forum: The innovative ecosystem in the Valencian Community". Participation as experts on data governance and management of innovative DNA within companies.


Our colleague Toni Sanjuan, was in charge of showing the key aspects to efficient asset management and how to innovate within companies.


The institutional presence was provided by the Director General for Innovation, Ms. Sonia Tirado and the Director General for the Advancement of the Digital Society, Mr. Juan Ignacio Torregrosa López.

Our colleague Toni Sanjuan at the moment of the lecture

The role of big data in business innovation and how to store, organise and filter data to make it useful or the automation of processes and their profitability in the digitisation of tasks. Is it possible and profitable in companies in the province of Alicante? Participants in the Alicante Plaza Innovation Forum: The innovative ecosystem in the Valencian Community, sponsored by the Alicante Science Park and Aire Networks and held at the facilities of Distrito Digital in Alicante, answered and engaged in other challenges.

Mindden was invited as experts in innovation, data governance and digital transformation. The presentation was given by our colleague Toni Sanjuan.

Our speaker, in addition to showing the practical knowledge that Mindden already has in its Biga data, IoT and immersive environments projects, stressed the need for innovation to be oriented to the improvement of processes and the achievement of business objectives. For this reason, he insisted on the need to define clear and measurable objectives through KPIs in order to be able to monitor and evaluate the process.

The General Director for the Advancement of the Digital Society, explained his vision on innovation in the administration

An important point of the roundtable was the impact of the Metaverse on the global economy and on users in the short term. The opinions of the experts were very varied. Mindden explained how we are already working with the new paradigm both in customers and internal initiatives of our Disruptive Tech Point, which has allowed us to investigate and test the possibilities of this new reality.

The event took place in the facilities of the Alicante Digital District and was attended by a large business and institutional presence. The General Director of Innovation of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ms. Sonia Tirado, opened the event and remarked that “the Comunitat is in a sweet moment in terms of innovation. According to European indicators, it is the region that has grown the most and has been doing so since 2014 and especially in 2019”.

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