Mindden’s Disruptive Technology Spotlight


Mindden’s Disruptive Technology Spotlight

29 June 2023

A department where innovative initiatives, both personal and collective, receive impulse, support and encouragement. That is DISRUPTIVE TECH POINT.

We are proud to present an initiative we have been working on for several months: Mindden Disruptive.

Mindden Disruptive is a department in which we design innovative projects to reconnect MindDen with our potential clients and the latest technologies available.

From this new tool we aim to bring together under a single umbrella all those initiatives of experimentation in innovative technologies that may affect companies in the near future.

Our goal is to anticipate, analyse and exploit disruptive innovations that improve productivity. To do this, we find the best technological solutions to the major challenges that arise on a daily basis. We manage to increase efficiency and effectiveness, as well as reduce manual work and time consumption.

Our vision is always oriented towards a commercial application. Disruptive projects don’t just optimise or just make our lives better, they change our lives for the better. We create new and better solutions.

With this ambitious initiative, MindDen takes a proactive approach to understanding disruptive and innovative technologies and their business impacts. We aim to become a reference that can influence business strategies and company management.

The importance of innovation

Technological innovation makes it possible to improve the quality of products and the simplicity of a process. As a result, productivity and competitiveness increase considerably. Innovation is extremely important in a company for 3 fundamental reasons:

  • Adaptability: one example is the recent pandemic. Covid-19 has brought about a paradigm shift in most business operations. Innovation is necessary for companies to adapt to change. Those that have failed to adapt have suffered the negative consequences.
  • Fostering growth: innovation is key to being competitive and achieving both organisational and economic growth.
  • Differentiate from the competition.

Currently, we have identified emerging opportunities in future markets to solve societal challenges. Based on these analyses, we are experimenting, with our own funding, 2 innovative projects:

Metaverse Project

A small-scale idea of the whole metaverse, the MindDen metaverse.

It is an internal communication platform, a virtual meeting point, in which each user has their own space in the office. Each employee can personalise their character, interact with colleagues (Sims style). It can also serve as a letter of introduction.

It is intended to be used for both leisure and work purposes. In this sense, the worker can clock in, access their mail, the report of his holidays, meetings by videoconference, … MindDen in virtual.

The aim is to centralise everything through its own platform and present it as a multiplayer video game.

AI training project images

An AI model capable of generating images from a text description. It makes use of the new image-generating machine learning models such as Dall.e 2 or Stable Diffussion, to train them with images of people or objects.

The model is trained with images of people or objects that we already have labelled. With these few images, we add the concept of the specific person to the model and we can use it in the descriptions we introduce to generate the images.

Its main advantage is that it can be used as a tool to improve productivity in design and layout tasks.

Innovation is part of MindDen’s DNA

Today’s market is facing major technological disruptions that can change the business model and affect both its processes and technologies. Innovation is our means to anticipate society’s challenges.

Technological innovation is vital at organisational, industrial and societal levels. It represents the best that each of us at MindDen has to offer: a bold look at what is possible and what was previously impossible.