Globalization pushes us all


Globalization pushes us all

20 January 2020

The evolutionary processes of companies and their determining factors, totally linked to professional relationships, which are forged in them, that is, how important supplier-partner relationships are so that both grow professionally.

In our constant process of growth of Mindden’s team, we have been able to verify how our participation and involvement in the daily life of our customers has enriched us in an invaluable way towards our development.

It is evident that every experience enriches, but it is also unquestionable that you have to know how to react and adapt to the inertia that the sector imposes on you. In our beginnings we responded to customers with small IT needs, some of them have not needed our services again, but we are proud to say that we continue to have a close and satisfactory relationship. Thanks to our relentless search for good work, we obtained our first customer with a multinational scope, which helped us position ourselves as a trusted provider to respond to major challenges, regardless of their size. This has allowed us to generate a customer portfolio with very demanding dimensions and needs, to which in our modest opinion, we have managed to respond.

The result of all this evolutionary process has been the addition into our portfolio of our first international customer based in Washington D.C. (United States).

In year 2019, betting on the technological inertia that Alicante experiences and the great commitment of public institutions and large providers of technological services, we have carried out great actions with important local companies in Alicante, which makes us feel fully involved in the technological movement that our city promotes.