MindDen, at the forefront of data analysis


MindDen, at the forefront of data analysis

14 June 2023

Data analytics is one of the fastest growing disciplines in recent years. One of the dimensions of this discipline is the step from collection to visualization. This phase is key to be able to make the right decisions, avoiding that information goes unnoticed. At MindDen we work with several tools, but today we are going to talk about one that is living a golden age: Power BI. It is an agile working tool that shows us live information of our company, in real time, in a simple, intuitive and easily interpretable way. Thanks to this, we obtain valuable reports with the aim of making the most optimal decisions that allow us to save costs and time.

Power BI is a Business Intelligence solution through which we can analyze data from different sources. Its fundamental value lies in the creation of intuitive dashboards that allow the visualization, at a glance, of the evolution and situation of our company, our sales, our customers … in short, whatever we want to analyze. Thanks to this visualization, we can detect trends, patterns and errors that provide us with a global knowledge to know which path to choose in order to achieve our objectives.

MindDen’s team, in addition to the experience they have in this field, has been certified by Microsoft in the development of this technology.

Recent success stories:

  1. Creation of several dashboards for the management and monitoring of demand for international mobility programs and student tracking. For an educational organization with international projection.
  2. In addition, with the aim of assisting Spanish universities, we have successfully implemented tools for the analysis of academic and cultural activities outside the degree program and managed the demand for internship agreements and complementary training and postgraduate courses after the completion of university studies.
  3. Moreover, we are implementing task management tables for professional software such as “Jira” and “Trello”. Through the connection with these ticketing tools, we are able to monitor the day to day work of a company and detect “bottlenecks” and show possibilities for organizational improvement through:
  • The agile management of teams.
  • The organization and prioritization of tasks.
  • The achievement of objectives in terms of deadlines and times.
  • Project productivity.
  • Communication between different team members and departments.
  • Time spent on different tasks and projects.

It is clear that we are living a real data revolution, so that monitoring the activity of a company is not a one-time need, but rather a growing need. For this reason, MindDen is committed to our customers and, hand in hand in its digital transformation, we are investing effort in Power BI training to teamworkers from different business areas in order to respond to the need of our partners.

The benefits of Power BI can be applied to any department. We can create reports in as many areas as there is a diversity of data sources: for financial, operational, sales, cost, and marketing monitoring, for analyzing the performance of agile team projects, or even the evolution of Covid-19. 

As a result of the benefits described above, the application of Power BI is essential for any company that wants to optimize its business development.

Moreover, Power BI guarantees both security in data storage and accessibility by any device.

Equipping yourself with the best tools will help you make the best decisions for your department or company. Think that this is already happening in all sectors and in companies of all sizes. Let us advise you and start controlling your data yourself.