People Focused as a business reality

People Focused as a business reality

29 June 2023

Mindden's people-focused philosophy is an internal mandate that permeates all areas of the company. We cannot think of Mindden without the people that make it up, which is why work teams are a temporary and changing grouping within a common and horizontal structure within the company.

People-focused or, in other words, a people-centred culture, is MindDen’s DNA and this is where one of its main efforts is focused on.

Our employees are the core of the company and their work experience is fundamental from the moment they are hired, through their incorporation, welcome… and throughout their professional career with us.

In the last forum “Innovation and digital transformation”, our CEO Jesús Ruiz already highlighted the importance of people as the driving force of change and the need to “empower them and put them at the centre of the process”. (read the full article here).

For professionals to develop their work satisfactorily and, consequently, be able to increase their productivity, it is essential that they develop a bond with the company and feel fulfilled. For this reason, we make sure that they have all the tools, support and information necessary for the development of their performance. Based on this, we work on different aspects:

Opportunities for professional growth and development. We offer to be part of interesting projects and work with the latest technologies and approaches.

Innovation and technology. Very interesting for those who are looking to work in a sector in constant evolution. We are at the forefront of technology.

Positive and healthy corporate culture in a collaborative, transparent and mutually respectful work environment. A pleasant working environment is essential for successful work; that the professional feels respected, comfortable and integrated.

Horizontal organisational structure. Favours close and accessible, positive and assertive communication.

Recurrent employee feedback. Behind every job, there is a person. It is important to listen to their individual needs and not only at group level. Take their opinions and suggestions into consideration in order to take effective, results-oriented action.

  • Follow-up talks.
  • Suggestion box.
  • Climate surveys.

Agile methodologies. Team management focused on flexibility improves employee productivity, product quality and work control.

Benefits and compensation:

  • Training courses.
  • Free English and German classes with flexible schedules to enhance the working day. Employees also have the option to prepare for official qualifications.
  • Possibility to combine face-to-face and remote working.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • In addition, we are constantly organising team building, after work activities,… In short, we like to have a blast!

Being part of a team. In a sector oriented towards automation and digitalisation of processes, in short, dominated by technology, it is important to feel that you are part of a team. We organise monthly and departmental events to promote socialisation beyond the purely professional. If you want to see the positions we have open

Likewise, a building project is underway at the head office in Alicante with the aim of, in addition to improving the facilities, to be able to allocate a place for events, conferences, leisure,… In short, to promote integration and well-being in MindDen.